Underlinings (#16)

PKD to Julian Jaynes:

Another curious aspect was its memory, to which I had access during the intial three or four days when it originally overwhelmed my left hemisphere. It remembered events between roughly three and two thousand years ago — from the high point of Crete to the time of St. Paul — and then it literally had no memories; there was a two thousand year gap, right up to World War One. It was as if it had been asleep, away or dead for those two thousand years. It readily remembered the Egyptian aspects of Crete — I had in hypnogogic states incredible visions of Greece and Rome, but after that — nothing, until about 1916. This evidently was why it initially addressed me in Greek; it was using the language it was accustomed to use in addressing humans.

Dick later thanks Jaynes for his “superb book [which] has now made it possible for me to discuss my 3-1974 experiences openly, without being merely called schizophrenic…”

(Sub-extracted from the longer extract here.)