Underlinings (#6)

Nick Bostrom is far too good-natured to be trying, deliberately, to create conniptions among bio-ethicists, but still (p.38) …

… stem cell-derived gametes would allow multiple generations of selection to be compressed into less thasn a huamn maturation period, by enabling iterated embryo selection. This is a process that would consist of the following steps:
1. Genotype and select a number of embryos that are higher in desired genetic characteristics.
2. Extract stem cells from those embryos and convert them to sperm and ova, maturing within six months or less.
3. Cross the new sperm and ova to produce embryos.
4. Repeat until large genetic changes have been accumulated.
In this manner, it would be possible to accomplish ten or more generations of selection in just a few years. …

Underlinings (#3)

Melanie Swan takes Bitcoin really seriously, concluding:

Blockchains are a new form of information technology that might have several important future applications. One is blockchain thinking, formulating thinking as a blockchain process. This could have benefits for both artificial intelligence and human enhancement, and their potential integration. Blockchain thinking is proposed as an input- processing-output computational system with several features. First, memories and all input elements are seen as discrete units that are encoded, stored, and universally-accessible, perhaps with multiple copies and versions (such as the soft- hashing of ideas in development). Second, processing might be instantiated in a massively distributed architecture that is not available in human brains, yet still comprises the nonlinearity of human thought. Third, the outputs of blockchain thinking might include the ability to realize smart-contract based utility functions, instantiate thinking as a power law, orchestrate digital mindfile uploads, advocate for digital intelligences in future timeframes, and facilitate the enactment of Friendly AI. Blockchain thinking might give rise to new forms of consensus models such as self-mining ecologies and proof of intelligence, and make use of demurrage principles to redistribute brain currencies like ideas and potentiation. Blockchains and blockchain thinking might be not just a tool for the immediate progress of intelligence, but also for the longer-term transition to a world of multispecies intelligence living cohesively and productively in digital societies.