Ccru book (update)

The publishing schedule has slipped a little on our Ccru: Writings 1997-2003 collection, as we work on the cover and slot in some diagrams. Still firmly intending to get this puppy out — and accessible — by the end of the month.

Current Kindle-format word-length is a little over 660 pages (about 80,000 words of text). Price will be $6.99.

Only finished pieces have been included, so there remains a toxic-waste barrel full of assorted writhing things to be processed into ‘shape’ down the line if this all works out.

Much excitement at this end about bringing the project to completion.

Hail Amazon (#2)

Here‘s the ‘Amazon Prime Air’ promo (December 2013), in case you missed it.

A skeptical take.

A recent glimpse from Bloomberg’s:

Barring regulatory obstacles, Amazon would face an upfront cost of about $100 million to buy tens of thousands of drones. The company also would see expenses of about $300 million to deploy them to deliver 400 million orders annually, according to the report, which based its findings on existing technology and prices. […] Amazon would need to hire thousands of operators, each capable of monitoring multiple drones simultaneously, to ensure safe takeoffs and landings, according to the study, which included the personnel cost in its calculations. Most of the drone flight would be automated, according to the study, which assumes each package weighs as much as 5 pounds and each delivery is no more than 10 miles.

TSP 2014

Between nothing and anything there is an infinite transition, so Time Spiral Press had a significant 2014. It added its first two titles, with plans for accelerating activity this year. It’s fate, clearly, is tightly bound to the Amazon Kindle facility, which despite its shortcomings (and they will be retrospectively glaring) represents an industrial revolution in the cultural sphere whose impact has scarcely begun to be felt. (Much more on that to come.)

The first TSP title was Anna Greenspan & Suzanne Livingston’s Future Mutation: Technology, Shanzai and the Evolution of Species (April 9, 2014). It will hopefully be possible to get the authors here to talk about their work.


To close the year, we released our first Abstract Horror product, Phyl-Undhu (December 21, 2014). Some commentary available here.

Phyl Undhu

TSP also hawks Urbanatomy Electronic products. It was a breakthrough year there too.