One thought on “Tokoloshe

  1. They make an appearance (of sorts) in Gene Wolfe’s The Shadow of the Torturer:
    “What are they, Isangoma? Tokoloshe–but what are tokoloshe?”
    “Bad spirits, Preceptor. When man think bad thought or woman do bad thing, there is another tokoloshe. He stay behind. Man think: No one know, everyone dead. But tokoloshe remain until the end of world. Then everyone will see, know what that man did.”
    The woman said, “What a horrible idea.”

    (Degenerates w/r/t their earlier incarnation as The Constructus Corporation, which merits retconning as another point on the Elysium tentacle of the a 21stC catabolic cephalopolity:
    “The Ziggurat already had left the Earth’s surface, and was far out of harm’s way by the time the chaos began. This goliath definition of comfortable living was fortified by an entirely impenetrable ancient defense system, and soared several thousand feet above the hell-realm below, following the sun.”)


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