Underlinings (#35)

Sampled from A Colder War, the online cosmic-horror infused alt-history ‘novelette’ by Charles Stross:

… Roger realises that Professor Gould is staring at him. “Do you have a question for me?” asks the distinguished palaeontologist. […] “Uh — in a moment.” Roger shakes himself. Remembering time-survivor curves, the captured Nazi medical atrocity records mapping the ability of a human brain to survive in close proximity to the Baltic Singularity. Mengele’s insanity. The SS’s final attempt to liquidate the survivors, the witnesses. Koschei, primed and pointed at the American heartland like a darkly evil gun. The “world-eating mind” adrift in brilliant dreams of madness, estivating in the absence of its prey: dreaming of the minds of sapient beings, be they barrel-bodied wing-flying tentacular things, or their human inheritors. “Do you think they could have been intelligent, professor? Conscious, like us?”

(The whole thing is at the link.)

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