Pipeline notes (#3)

Finished Chasm an hour ago. Still needs a final sift through, and some work on the appendices. It’s going up on Amazon tonight — which means it will be available within a few days. I’ll add an announcement when that happens.

It’s something over 26,000 words (with another couples of thousand extra in the ‘apparatus’). Genre is hyper-formulaic abstract horror.


Crypto-Current is tantalizingly close to completion (but no cigar). North of 80,000 words, at this point, with far more hacking into philosophical jungles than anticipated. Given my record over over-promising on schedules, to date, I’m tempted to go conservative, and say end February for completion, since Winter interruptions are now going to slow things down. Apologies for the sluggish delivery.

5 thoughts on “Pipeline notes (#3)

  1. Eagerly awaiting Crypto-Current! I am sure it is worth the wait.

    Bratton’s The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty has been delayed again as well until February, both anticipated to be personal Winter interruptions

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      • I’m curious as to which project you were refering to RE: Blood Meridian/Apocalypse Now War ontology Outsidein post? Does it have a name yet?

        I have a kindle now, so I’ll be buying some more TS products!




      • That’s Vauung. It’s on a slow, patient, development track at the moment. Now Chasm is done, it’s a candidate to elbow it’s way to the front of the pulp queue. (Lots of competition for that “will get done by end 2016” slot, though.)

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