Deus Ex Machina

Some — mostly — religious types muse (or should that be ‘noodle’?) about the meaning of advanced synthetic intelligence.

A few highlights:

“Something is shielded from humanity and only after discovery — uncovering that which is hidden — can we see the reality before us.”

“… if we did develop superintelligence, shouldn’t we be trusting it to tell us what religion is real?”

“… there are no laws or rules in computer science that would make it impossible for software to hold a religious belief.”

“Superintelligence is scary enough. Adding religion to the mix? No thank you.”

“We have to hope that the mystics are correct when they claim that the essential nature of the universe is love. If this is the case, then my hippy dream is that this advanced intelligence will be a pure manifestation of love and compassion, and thus its tendency would be not to destroy but to heal. […] If not, then at least we get to experience what it’s like to be annihilated by a superintelligence. …”

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