Pipeline notes


Promised for June, then for July, this is being re-scheduled for (everything that’s crossable, crossed) September. The project has grown under its own intrinsic momentum from a 20,000 word philosophical novella, through a 30-40,000 book (when the last promises were made), to a 50,000 word — “please, by all that is holy and unholy, make it stop!” — and still swelling entity, but the lid is being pushed down on it quite firmly now. Structure:

Chapter-1: Cryptocurrency as Critique
Chapter-2: Bitcoin and its Doubles
Chapter-3: State of Play
Chapter-4: Cash Machines
Chapter-5: The Open Secret
+ three appendices (Bitcoin paper; Technonomics, Dracoin)
++ more than 5,000 words of endnotes
+++ elaborate apparatus (timeline, people, institutions, coins, glossary, references …)


Pure abstract horror. The only thing pushing this further down the pipeline is the Crypto-Current cascade effect. This really doesn’t want to become more than a ~20,000 word entity (or so it tells me). Probably subject to a two month schedule slide (to October), just so I can fondle it for a little longer.


Another cancerizing monster — 27,000 words now, and only just getting into its maturation phase, as it explores the outer edges of incomprehensibility. Determined to get this out before the end of the year …

There could also be some other stuff (certainly numerous projects underway, at more-or-less germinal stages of development). Further updates in this space.

One thought on “Pipeline notes

  1. I’m looking foweard to Chasm and The Puzzle House, Phyl-Undhu is way better than I tought it will be wenn I bought it. the referrences also help a lot.


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