Ccru 1997-2003 (Contents)

This is looking quite tightly locked-down now. (Should be finished by the end of the month, and available soon after.)


The Tale of the End

Part-1: Id(entity)
Communique One
Communique Two
Review of Ccru’s Digital Hyperstition
Who’s Pulling Your Strings?

Part-2: The Cthulhu Club
Lemurian Time War
The Templeton Episode
Origins of the Cthulhu Club
Miskatonic Virtual University
The Vault of Murmurs

Part-3: AOE / Axsys
Spheres and Degrees of the AOE
The Excruciation of Hummpa-Taddum
Inside the Architectonic Order of the Eschaton
Martin Bergmann

Part-4: Black Atlantis
From Subversion to Submersion
Zelda Maria de Monterre (Madame Centauri)
Maximilian Crabbe
Channel Zero
The Tale of the Frog People

Part-5: Barker
Tick Delirium
Barker Speaks
Tale of Cockroach

Part-6: Sarkon
Oskar Sarkon
Split-Second Timing
Between and Beneath the Net
Shades of Between
A Tzikvik Tale

Part-7: Cybergothic
Y2K Letter
What Didn’t Happen at the Millennium?
Cybergothic Hyperstition
The A-Death ‘Phenomenon’
Unscreened Matrix
The Unlife of the Earth
The Tale of Centipede

Part-8: Pandemonium
The Nomo Chant
The Zones
Pandemonium Matrix
Pandemonium Commentary
Qabbala Unshelled
The Book of Paths
Tales of Mu

Appendix-1: Ccru Glossary
Appendix-2: Numogrammatic Time-Mapping
Appendix-3: TV Demonism

Total length is a little over 80,000 words. Aiming to put an improved Numogram on the cover.

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